All of our Installation Team wear company uniforms which clearly identify them as a real estate sign professional

Real Estate marketing has changed tremendously over the years, largely because of the Internet, but one of the oldest forms of home marketing is still one of the best, The Real Estate Yard Sign!

A recent National Association of Realtors study showed that 63 percent of buyers said they used information from a for sale sign to guide them during their search. For sale signs are the best way to bring attention to your property and the sooner your sign is up, the sooner you start getting offers. Sentry Sign Installers has been providing quality installation services for more than 30 years and with our 24 hour turn around time, most signs are installed within one day.

Our team of field personnel is professionally dressed, and carry state of the art tablet computers to process and document every sign installation order.  As a Sentry Sign Installer customer, you will receive a photo confirmation immediately upon completion of the installation order.

Our state of the art system allows installers to update jobs in real time and send proof of service photos of the installation. All photos are emailed from the property, in real time to the agent or representative on the account. You will never get to the end of the work day and wonder if the sign has been installed correctly or how it looks on the property. Simply check your email for photo confirmation.

These photos can then be forwarded to your client so they have the peace of mind that this critical marketing step has been completed.