Customer Service




We pledge to be the recognized leader in service excellence among all signage and installation companies—not just locally—but throughout the country. We will work hard to inspire our customers’ total confidence through exceptional service, quality products, and corporate integrity.



1 in service

Service excellence is more than what we provide, it’s how we think and act. It’s not just “fixing a problem” or the daily service we perform,  it’s the “smile” in the voice on the phone, the prompt response to a request and the drive to always improve. It’s how we work with one another and how we work with our customers. We believe that service excellence begins with each individual employee’s commitment to improve the things—no matter how small—that are in their control.  By keeping an “How can we be of  service?” attitude, and striving to exceed our customers’ and our own expectations, we are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service—not just for signage and installation industry, but for all companies worldwide.



  • People – The foundation of the Sentry Sign Installer’s vision of service excellence is built on the dedication of our people and sealed with a commitment to meet and exceed our customers expectations.
  • Safety – Thousands of Real Estate Professionals around the country use our services every month without giving a second thought to the safety and reliability of our products and services. We  are proud of our performance.
  • Quality – For more than 30 years, quality has made the Sentry Sign Installer’s brand the most trusted name in the real estate signage industry. We’ve earned that legacy through years of reliable service that has become foundation that our company.
  • Integrity – We operate our business affairs to the letter and spirit of the law, and our actions must be ethical every time. That means compliance with local tax, insurance, and saftey standards. Acting ethically and honorably wins loyalty from our customers.